Posted by: starhein | November 23, 2010

Solve Math Problems

My brother is a senior high school student who sometimes complain of difficulty in learning mathematics. According to him, math was very difficult and such a nightmare. Moreover, teachers at his school can not be explained so well about math topics so that he had learn by himself to work on math problems. Doing the math tasks such as calculus, algebra, or even physics does require hard work. He should continue to try to answer complex questions.

Sometimes he asked me for help. But I can not always be there to help him so I suggested he look for references to math help. There are many tutorials to solve math problems in a thorough but easy. He also can ask the tutor directly and obtain a satisfying explanation of calculus, algebra, etc. He also can learn mathematics whenever he wants with flexible time. It is interesting to learn math online, he said.

Finally, he felt no difficulty learning math now. He was very enthusiastic when he found new problems that challenge him. With constant practice, he found it easier when doing homework or when will the exam time.


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